Arizona Bowhunter & Field Archery Association

Please use one of the forms below to register for the upcoming shoots.

ABFAA REGISTRATION FORM             Use this form to mail in registration for State shoots. Write name of shoot on top.
Please include a check with your registration form. The amount of the check can be found on the form or flier.  Checks should be made to the ABFAA and sent to:
Becky Pearson
PO Box 308
Saint David, AZ 85224
Any questions contact Becky at 520-720-9532





On-line registration for the State Field will close at noon on Friday, Apr 14.  Onsite registration will open about 7:15 am on Saturday.
click below to register

State Field Registration

Contact Becky with questions: or 520-720-9523.


2017 ABFAA State Field Registered Archers as of 4/13/2017
Freestyle - Adult Amy Augsburger
Freestyle - Sr Caytie Belzner
  Becky Pearson
Freestyle -Adult Brandon Martin
  Charlie Kester
  Brad Wagner
  Tony Lewis
  Matt MacDonald
Freestyle - Sr Steve Belzner
  Walter Smith
  Larry Butterfield
Freestyle - MS Frank Pearson
  Richard Orth
  Thomas Huteson
  Ronnie Babb
  Dan Kolb
Freestyle - YA Travis Levario
  Jeremy Corridori
  Sean Kerby
Barebow - Adult Melody Richards
Barebow - MS Ron Shinn
BHFS - Adult David Hash
BHFS - Sr David Duckweiler
  Mark Hanson
Traditional /Longbow - Sr Richard Doria
  Tad Earl

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