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                     ABFAA SHOOT SCHEDULE 2017

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January 21                    SW Sectional and Pre-Vegas                    Desert Sky Archers

February 25                  ABFAA State Indoor                                   PSE Pro Shop
                                                (NFAA blue and white target 5 spot or single, 20 yds)


April 15                         ABFAA State Field                                          TBD 
     (The 16th is Easter, so we will shoot 14 Field, 14 Animal and 14 Hunter on Apr 15th)


October 15                   ABFAA International                                Usery Mt. Archers
                                       (Distances 20- 65 yd at 5 yard increments; 3 arrows twice around)

November 26               ABFAA Classic                                                  TBD
(Distance 40/50/60 yd at 92cm Multi colored face)


                         Dates and locations are subject to change

Arizona State Archery Association has a complete schedule of target archery shoots in Arizona. Please go to to view.

Papago Archers  --

Usery Mountain Archers -- 

Paseo Vista Archery Club  --




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